Roundy SOS child wrist band for info content consists of:

Roundy SOS info bracelet parts

Roundy LETTER is inside of the       Roundy SAFE:

Roundy LETTER is in the Roundy SAFE

Roundy SOS child wrist band back side:

Roundy SOS info bracelet rear side

Roundy SOS info wrist band for small children ... made for emergency information !!!

See how Roundy works!Write your telephone number on the included Roundy LETTER, put it inside the Roundy SAFE in the Roundy SOS wrist band and let your child know what to do and who to contact, if it suddenly doesn´t find you anymore.


Welcome to the official Roundy Web Site.

Perhaps a Roundy saves your child one day!

The brand name Roundy stands for quality and additional child protection. Roundy SOS wrist band is non-electronic and therefore hardly accicent-sensitive and it finally was available for a reasonable price. Roundy is useful, ready to fit, eudermic and elastic, it´s splash water resistant and can be used over and over again. Roundy means Fair Play, it is meaningful and it reassures parents.

What is a Roundy?

The Original Roundy® SOS wrist band - designed for info content - is for children aged minimum 3 years. If the child suddenly loses contact to the person it is meant to be with and doesn´ t find back on it´ s own in public and / or because of different languages, the Roundy SOS wrist band provides additional help, if Roundy is used properly - please use a ball-pen to write on Roundy LETTER. Roundy works really simple: Inside the Original Roundy SOS wrist band, manufactured from high quality silicone. a transparent capsule is mounted - the so called Roundy SAFE, which includes a folded note, the so called Roundy LETTER, where important notes, such as telephone numbers and / or addresses, etc. should be written on by yourself. More...


Individualize Roundy

Roundy wrist bands could be individualized with your personal advertising. But only in huge amounts for very big institutions. Get in contact!

Even more customization could be reached with remarkable Special Editions. More…

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Product Description
Product Description