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The Privacy Policy is only valid in it' s german version. This is an automated translation for your convenience, without any juridical relevance:

Roundy Kid Protection KG

We maintain our web sites according to our IMPRINT.

Personal data ( such as names, addresses, phone numbers , email addresses , etc. ) are subject to special legal rules on data protection and data security. Therefore, we let them know how we handle the protections on our site. We treat their personal data with the utmost care and conscientiously collect personal data only with your express permission via our websites . This means that only when they themselves enter personal data , they are stored by us. This is , for example, the case when they shop in our online shop and register for our newsletter or showing us the data on Facebook or on You Tube. Your details will be automatically processed and thereby treated by us in accordance with the provisions and implementing regulations of the data protection law. We take great care to shield their data against unauthorized access and enter this only widmungsbemäß and necessary for the execution of our business relationship level (internal and only unerlässlichem demand for our suppliers) on. We operate exclusively in the context of standard applications under the Austrian data right and keep us in accordance with regulations to SA 001, SA 002 and SA to 022 Compare to please the standard and pattern regulation in 2004 idgF. and inform them about the further details on the internet. We adhere precisely to the legal system and require in connection with personal data , after consultation with the Federal Chancellery no DVR number. Your data will be used to process your order or give them to the information available . We reserve the right to perform legally compliant credit checks prior to the conclusion of a contract . It may also be necessary to pass on the information provided by them to one of our suppliers or logistics service provider for processing . Furthermore, they provide personal data may also be used in order to provide them with further information and offers. The information provided by them to personal data will be treated with due care . The data will be exclusively earmarked within the internal processing operations and when necessary used by our affiliates . They are sold to third parties , nor otherwise marketed by third parties. If we are required legally or by court order, we transmit data to each person authorized places. Children should not transmit personal data without the consent of a parent or guardian. We will never collect personal information from children knowingly and market . When accessing our Website , some information is collected automatically for statistical purposes. However, these are not personal and therefore not attributable to any particular person. When you visit our website , information is stored in the form of a cookie on your computer. Cookies allow us to adapt our website to suit your specific requirements. There is also the option to save passwords so they do not need to be re-entered on subsequent visits. If they want to avoid it , that we recognize their application device at a later visit them on our website , make your Internet browser so that it deletes cookies does not accept or receive a warning before a cookie is set . With the use of information and offer to buy our website , you consent and also so that we can process and store their data quite consistent with our Privacy Policy . We reserve, at our discretion, expressly provides that statement , as well as our privacy policy at any time amend , provided that the amendment is in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Austria . Please check therefore this page regularly for updates . With the continued use of our sites - after a change in our Privacy Policy - you agree to the changes.

We operate the following internet appearances:

and those, which we displayed additionally as ours on our IMPRINT.

Our above, and our notes to our terms and conditions (Terms of Service) and our legal notices and the content of our imprint apply to all our websites and to all our other appearances on (and outside of) the internet.

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