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The terms and conditions and so on are only valid in it' s german version. This is an at about translation for your convenience, but without any juridical relevance:

Terms and Conditions with included SHIPPING, DELIVERY and PAYMENT, DISCLAIMER(S), and other important ADVICE

of the former Roundy Kid Protection KG, now project of Mag. Gert ARNOLD,

THE PROJECT Roundy IS NOT A COMPANY and there are no products sold.

Through the use of our web sites and regarding to the informations we display, our readers agree to our Terms and Conditions, SHIPPING, DELIVERY and PAYMENT TERMS as well as with our disclaimer and our other instructions and informations. These rules will apply to all of our web sites and all our shown material as agreed. We also make reference to the contents of our home rider PRIVACY POLICY. Our below displayed DISCLAIMERS are still in use now, everything else, which follows below is not valid today and



Our products are designed solely for children from 3 years. The size of our ONE SIZE wrist bands is set with 14 centimeters Roundy - band scale. This Roundy WRIST BANDS fit most children aged 4-8 years. Roundy All SIZE wrist bands fit every child beginning at the age of 3. The use for children younger than 3 years is prohibited! Roundy products are safe and are not hazardous to health. Roundy WRIST BAND and Roundy BUTTON are splash water proof. We use strictly checked, high-grade silicone. Roundy products and their ingredients must not be swallowed and any alteration and / or other treatment thereof is prohibited. Roundy products should be used as dedicated or intended. We refer to our information on our web pages, etc. to the nature and functioning of all of our products, slight variations on our part remain reserved. The operation of Roundy itself on the Roundy CLIP, which was published on roundy.info and several times on You Tube and on Facebook is demonstrative. In reality, there is the removable Roundy SAFE, which includes the from end users (parents, guardians or supervisors) manually labeled Roundy LETTER, inside Roundy and may the Roundy SAFE be taken out or put in at the backside easily. The use and distribution of our products is only permitted if the transferor to the transferee instructed exactly how Roundy is working properly and which dedication and intended use adheres to Roundy products. Especially the children, who use Roundy, need to be instructed wisely, how Roundy works and what they should do, if they get lost and who exactly they should ask for help, if help is needed.


Our products are not subject to mandatory CE marking , because our products are affected according to self-certification by any of the relevant EU Directives , in particular not under the articles of the PPE Directive (relating to personal protective equipment) and not the so-called TSD Directive. Roundy - products are manufactured in China and imported properly into the European Union. All our products are properly to the EU market. We do not allow the bringing and the useing of our products outside the European Union.

OFFER and Roundy - PRICES

Our offer is intended for companies, public institutions and facilities and only order quantities up to 50 pieces are meant for consumers aswell. Our geographical sales and delivery area is exclusively the European Union. Other regions are not supplied. Our offer is also valid for resellers and by ordering our products resellers confirm, that they have the necessary business license and are allowed for the resale and that they deliver only to buyers in the EU with delivery in the EU only AND, that they´ll make sure, that every client is informed totally about Roundy, how to use it, how it works and what the children have to do in case of emergency. All our prices include VAT (only exeption UID- tax system). As part of the EU delivery threshold limits, we charge 20 % Austrian VAT, as well as for deliveries within Austria. VAT exempt intra-Community supplies we can offer verified against UID number without VAT. Only our terms and conditions, shipping, delivery and payment rules are valid and we contract only on this basis refering to all deliveries. Price changes and printing errors on our part remain reserved. In the context of the relevant legal options are governed by Austrian law and this is agreed. We sell through direct sales and mainly via www.roundy.info (our webshop called Roundy SHOP) on the internet. We reserve the right not to accept orders and decide about that freely. All monetary amounts are in EURO or in the constant value of the legal and official successor currency of the EURO.


One-time (per order) shipping fee. Delivery is only possible to one destination (per order) within the entire European Union. Bringing Roundy outside of the European Union is prohibited.

We refer the reader to our shown under the present homepage tab for dispatch, delivery and payment terms, which apply in the context of the legal possibilities as agreed. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries if that is for a speedier processing advantage. Select or specify partial deliveries are to be taken into account in our payment arrangements in individual cases. To withdraw from the contract due to non-compliance with the delivery period the purchaser shall only be entitled if he has set us writing a grace period of at least 1 month from the receipt of this written formal notice to us and once this period has already passed. In individualized customer Roundy orders (with the customer on or given inscription wishes to products) there are special exemptions exchange right, not right to retouch , no price reduction law and the Customer hereby waived its related withdrawal rights. The two weeks right für consumers to cancell the contract is granted!The legal risk of loss for the transportation of our products is transferred to the customer and that as soon as we deliver the ordered goods to transport to the customer to the carrier (for example post or DHL). We reserve the right to choose the supplier and the supply route to the customer free or free to change. Anyway, we deliver within the legal requirements. In Austria Roundys in stock we will ship your order within five business days to our customers. Normally despatch on 1 Business day after payment confirmation. When the customer at the customer's individualized orders and not stored in Austria Roundy products, we reserve a delivery time of 10 weeks. We endeavor to keep delivery times as short as possible. We sell our products, including disposal of packaging. All orders, deliveries and services of our company are our general business, shipping, delivery and payment (see above and below) based on variations of the same require our written confirmation. Also, the deviation from this writing bondage requires our written consent. For problems regarding forwarding the clientele has to turn to the postal operator or DHL directly and to remain there without damage. This also applies there any existing insurance policies.


Our billing is done immediately after PayPal payment. Payment due date coincides with PayPay - payment at the time of payment. Other bills are due straight away after the invoice date without deduction. If necessary, we write the clientele about payment or not fully successful payment only one reminder before forwarding to the DAS Rechtsschutz AG, Hernalser Gürtel17, A - 1170 Vienna, for collection and demand appropriate default interest etc. The payment obligation of the customer to us is legally an obligation dar. In selected cases, we offer payment on delivery, but this must be confirmed by us in writing a priori. If you pay by "PayPal" the " PayPal Acceptable Use Conditions" of PayPal (Europe) S.à rl apply & Cie.S.C.A. The current terms of use , which the user of PayPal in relation to PayPal (Europe) S.à rl & Cie.S.C.A. must agree , are seen on the internet at www.paypal.com. Shipping will take place after PayPal payment confirmation and after we verified the payment. Special arrangements are agreed separately with us regarding payment before the due date thereof. Partial payment options require our express, prior written consent. Discounts are not provided. For direct sales we immediately provide a written bill with a PAID ENDORSEMENT. We do not sell anything without a proper invoice! Time of payment is again the due date. If we issue a so called PC - written invoice , the payment and the payment due date is immidiately from the invoice date (no deductibles and no discount) and we generally and always want payment directly to our bank account. In case of late payment, we are always entitled to the existing outstanding demand adjusted for inflation upward and and interest etc. und for sueing this. Our prices are in this sense (even with currency exchange, currency failure or purchasing power change) value is guaranteed as long as no full payment has been made to us.


We offer the full legal warranty and comply with all provisions legally valid. Compared to our customers we restrict their rights under contracts with us for each case only as far as this is legally possible and allowed. Generally we provide a right to cancellation for 14 days. When the customer at the customer´s individualized orders we can offer no right of withdrawal , no exchange and no legal conversion for understandable reasons. Here is a reverse is not allowed. Any defects, they show us within 3 days of delivery , hidden defects within 3 days after approval of the problem. With timely and justified complaint, we will improve according to our choice, either by price deduction or provide a replacement set. If warrenty does not work to be performed by us within a reasonable time, contrary to expectations, they can demand a reasonable extent in our price reduction, but give us 14 days first in written. In this whole text descrided deviations the clientele has to ignore and these are considered normal and does not reduce price and justify no obligation to repair our part. We can always choose a price reduction instead of repair. Further claims by the customers from the contract are generally excluded , unless they are basicly clear enough and based on intent or gross negligence on our part. The imprints of our goods might show slight deviations and the clientele accepts this hereby unless the majority of the supply is characterized by major deviations. If we do not obtain the goods ordered within 3 months, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract and refund the paid price.


Contract cancellation is generally not provided after the above shown 14 days. If the customer cancels a contract, we are entitled to charge the lost profits in the amount of a lump sum of 40% of the gross order value plus interest etc. Proof of a higher damage is reserved.


We do not provide transport insurance. If you want to insure the shipment(s) and the products, you must do this at your own expense & bill and at your own risk.


Exclusive custom we call SPECIAL EDITION and these are not available in our webshop. SPECIAL EDITIONS we offer from 5,000 Minimum Order Quantity according to their specific design requirements to the extent that this is deemed technically feasible. Such requests should be directed to them office@roundy.info by e -mail. We are happy to help ! Our information about colours, dimensions , delivery times and powers are indicative and used for their orientation. In particular, the functioning of our Roundy Roundy CLIP shows on our website www.roundy.info only demonstrative. How Roundy works exactly see them separately described on our website www.roundy.info the internet. Sales-related inquiries and requests for bills they directed also to office@roundy.info or by post to us. For general information, please contact info@roundy.info always at your disposal. Messages apply to us only as having been received or delivered if we get this in writing.


Languages ​​of correspondence are exclusively german and (subsidiarily) english. Documents and other information and publications are only in german legally relevant, even if they are available in other languages. We just provide ENGLISH in order to make it easier for those, who do not speak german good enough, but we do not allow this to get back on us with legal consequences. So only that counts, what we write in GERMAN.


We reserve the right to make technical changes in the interests of progress , as well as slight differences in the form, print and colour as well as design further and new developments and other minor product modifications. However, we make every effort to keep our offer on our website up to date and well understandable. Our information about colours, dimensions, delivery times and services are approximate and are provided for your guidance. We reserve the right to refuse orders or to offer modified terms and conditions in individual cases. We reserve the right to change all our websites , designs and promotional information at any time add to, delete, develop and / or to make everything new.


We are trying not to break any laws, adhering to the Austrian legislation. Therefore, we exclude any liability, but only as far as legally possible. We are only liable for intent and gross negligence by ourself, but not for the misconduct of others. We are no longer liable for the goods from the time of delivery to the carrier (post or DHL), if the owner does not give notice to us within 6 months. By us published and the explanations that we publish (images and sounds) we can use or recycle, and we reserve the right in this regard and respect to our products, all rights. Deviations shall require our written consent. We are also not liable expressly for abuse, that others commit on our websites or accomplish or make possible. Sites on which they can come to our web presences through links are outside our out of area of our responsibility. We are not responsible for the content of these sites, nor do we endorse, support or confirm the information contained in external websites, references, links, or content therein mentioned. At the time of setting the links to link to our pages, no illegal contents were not recognizable. On the current and future design, contents or authorship of the linked pages, we have no influence, and we disclaim responsibility for it, especially if the changes came after the links have been made. This declaration is valid for all our websites and linked websites and for all further links. Furthermore, we assume no guarantee and warranty that the Internet components as well as the programs and the material which is available on our websites is free of viruses or other harmful components. For any such noxious influences within our own websites, we are only liable for gross negligence and intent, but not for fault of others. We disclaim our liability then completely, if / when Roundy products are misused by third hand, changed and / or treated in any way and if someone deviates knowingly or unknowingly of the dedication and the intended use and / or tolerates abuse directly or indirectly. We are not responsible and liable, if Roundy is used wrongly or if someone is not instructed properly, how to use Roundy, how it works and who to ask for help, if help is needed.


All goods remain our property until full payment of the goods will be done. It applies the extended retention of title.



The (contractual) relationships between everybody and us is governed by the law of the Republic of Austria. The place of jurisdiction Innsbruck is hereby agreed, provided that this is legally permissible. The application of international purchase legal norms are excluded. If we have this, we adhere to the provisions of the Distance Selling Act. Civil , commercial , and corporate legal fulfillment is A - 6020 Innsbruck. The tax of performance remains unaffected by us. By visiting our website you agree with the content of our designs and our notes on legal matters and about information about Roundy products. We are entitled to receivables and other receivables to a factor to sell and assign these legally valid. We make good faith efforts to not discriminate against anybody and all our content, statements, expressions and designs are always directed within the meaning of the Equal Treatment Act on women and men alike. These rules will apply from 2018-12-05 including indefinitely, remain all subject to change. Changes reserved.


We have our rights to our idea Roundy and forbid its copiing and/or exploitation, etc., as well as our rights about our products and how they work and their quality carefully copyright protected and deposited this at a notary. All about Roundy is protected as a "whole art system". Our songs are protected by this law aswell. Roundy is a registered trademark, there are registered trademarks (in multiple classes of goods  for the entire European Union). Exactly there are two EU figurative trademarks and two EU word trademarks registered. Design protection: In addition we have registered a collection of designs for Roundy products (and parts of them) and fundamental imprints and this design protection has also gained validity across the entire European Union. We are therefore legally partially worldwide and partially in the European Union protected very well. All rights reserved.

© Project Roundy and Mag. Gert ARNOLD.

Our registered word trademark is Roundy® or Roundy ™

Our figurative EU trademark image is then displayed:



We may retain up to 10 pieces of wach ordered kind of Roundy free of charge for presentation purposes.


If one or more of the above statements is/are invalid or become invalid, instead of the invalid regulation/s or control those whose purpose is already considered agreed, mutatis mutandis comes the invalid or became invalid regulation/s new refering to the meant purpose at the closest legally correct possibility. This shall protect the Project Roundy for instance.

Innsbruck, on 2018-12-05
Mag. Gert ARNOLD

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